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AC 100

Technical Description


10 T


12.9 T

Stem Dalby

Articulated - SHM 2-10-3800

Lifting Power

10 T

Type Of Casing

Class 2

Length Of Stem (Hooks/Rolls)


Leduc 350 Bar Hydraulic Pump

40 Cm3

Oil Tank

50 L

Anti Rotation

Roller Hydraulic Rear


90 - 8 Axis





Height Ground/Rollers


Total Width


Adjustable Hitch

Arrow Springs + Ring Turn


Hydraulic + Hand Pump


385/65 R 22.5


Hydraulic + Parking


Anti-Rust + Lacquer / Oven


Bar Red (Gray Card) / CE Certificate

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Articulated Jib Dalby

Reduce your loading thanks to the articulated arm angle.

Keyway Rear

Mandatory on all polybennes systems, hydraulic keyway is the link between the subwoofer and the chassis.

  • Open: it allows to be mode removal

  • Closed: you are in mode tip

Subwoofer Class 2

Standard chassis, track Giant Hogweed 1060. Height of ring for class subwoofer 2.


Rear roller hydraulic anti-squat. Mount the subwoofer securely on the frame.

Tank / Distributor / Electrical Controls

The Agricaisson is a stand-alone hydraulically. This guarantee the longevity and performance of the hydraulic circuit. Electrical controls allow you to perform the manoeuvres safely.

Pump Hydraulic Leduc

Pump piston Leduc 350 bars: high pressure you guarantee the lifting power and speed thanks to the PTO shaft 1000 rpm


Be seen!

Jack Mechanics

In order to uncouple the same trailer loaded, the presence of mechanical Jack is essential.

Parking + Hydraulic Brake

The trailer is loaded? Leave the safe with the Parking brake. Enjoy the security of hydraulic braking.


Stem of flexible, universal joint, adjustable towing with rotating ring.


Tandem Buses

More comfort with 2 axles and mechanical suspension, a more significant.

Axle Follower

With the option Tandem, the trailing axle to limit stress on the chassis and tyres.

Sliding Jib

The sliding stem allows you to load small and large subwoofers.

Stem Sliding And Hinged

Sliding and hinged stem allows you to load small as large casing while optimizing the angle of loading.

Stem Double Articulation

A matchless loading angle, possibility to vary the length of the casing...Maybe the gallows for you!

Keyway Front Hydraulic

Very useful when casing very large volume or for the installation of a crane on Giant Hogweed. A plan based on your usage.

Rear Hydraulic Lift

Intended for the placement of fertilizer su foot caissons. Lift height: 1.20 m above the rollers.

Arrow Hydraulic

For more comfort and a more efficient charge report, opt for the hydraulic boom.

Hydraulic Rear Feed

You have a hydraulic door, a worm? the rear feed supplies the tools of your choice.

Camera + Monitor

Working conditions, difficult visibility... the camera is particularly interesting with a sliding stem.

Working Lighthouse

Finish Privilege

Want a custom solution? You'll like the privilege finish: Guard mud - lights LED - lights stencil - painting Polyurethane HQ choice...

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