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CS 100

Technical Description


10 T

Unladen Weight

2600 Kgs

Container's Interior Dimensions

4.50x2.32x0.60 + Short or long canes collars


100 - 10 Axes




315/80 R 22.5 Double Wheels


Hydraulic + Parking


Anti-Rust + Lacquer


Bar Rouge (Carte Grise)
CE Certificate

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Tipping Hydraulic

With oversize cylinders, you can lift the bucket in all conditions.

Stems Of Fund

Our monohulls boxes are equipped with large cranes welded continuously. They provide rigidity and resistance to the whole of the Fund

Lowered Monocoque Container

Lowered the trailer’s centre of gravity to allow for more stability.

2 Panels Rear Door

The 2 panels rear door allows an easy unloading of the canes.

Arrow Springs

Arrow with adjustable springs to fit all tractors with ring turning to manoeuvre safely. The suspension brings important ride comfort. The tractor and driver are thus preserved.


A wide back rail protects the lighting to be always well seen

Cane Specific Collars

With the collars the trailer can adapt to short or long canes.

Parking + Hydraulic Brake

The trailer is loaded? Leave the safe with the Parking brake. Enjoy the security of hydraulic braking.

Jack Mechanics

In order to uncouple the same trailer loaded, the presence of mechanical Jack is essential.


Finish Privilege

Want a custom solution? You'll like the privilege finish: Guard mud - lights LED - lights stencil - painting Polyurethane HQ choice...

Hydraulic Powershift Assist

Thanks to the hydraulic motors POCLAIN, multiply the effectiveness of your trailer:

  • Crossing ability: mud, slopes and all situations difficult / front and rear

  • Security: down steep slopes in all security with the restraint

  • Consumption: your tractor is more alone exhausted...

See in video

Crutch Hydraulic

For more comfort, the hydraulic stand and hand pump to uncouple easily.

Tipping By Compressor

Your tractor does not have enough oil, compressor with PTO shaft to find the necessary power

Hydraulic Door

For particular ease with manure, the hydraulic door is very significant.


The choice of tyres is very important, ask us for advice to you guide towards the solution that suits you.

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