Fruit Trailers

GV 31 NF
Payload: 3T
Tray Dim. : 4.20m X 1.25m
Axle: 50
GV 40 NF
Payload: 4T
Tray Dim. : 5.20m X 1.25m
Axle: 60
GV 42 BL
Payload: 4T
tray Dim. : 5.20m X 1.25m
Axle: Pendulum Of 50
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Bins Charger
CD 75
Payload: 6 T
Tray Dim. : 5.20m X 1.25m
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The range of Trailers agricultural dev allows to meet all expectations.

Fruit trays are the result of years of experience in the Rhone Valley recognized for these fruit plantations.

Special feature: Trays lowered 3-4 t of payload in single axles or pendulum

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