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GV 20 BM

Technical Description


2000 Kgs

Unladen Weight

410 Kgs

Bin Dimensions

2.50m X 1.30m X 0.50m


1630 L

Rear Door

0.70m - Manual Opening

Total Height



50 - 5 Axes


225/70 R 15


Hydraulic + Parking


Anti-Rust + Lacquer
Food Polyurethane / Oven


Bar Rouge (Carte Grise)
CE Certificate

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Tipping Hydraulic

Nothing easier, the hydraulic tipping brings you comfort and security at the time of the tipping.

Back Door

Automatic opening of the door, get more off!

Adjustable Hitch + Ring Turn

Adjustable towing to fit all tractors (coupling to specify height) with ring turning to manoeuvre safely.


Be seen!

Caisse Monohull Waterproof

All our cases are tested in water during manufacture. No loss of juice...

Retractable Wheel Crutch

You want to maneuver the trailer without tractor? even when loaded? Easy with this crutch to wheel

Parking + Hydraulic Brake

The trailer is loaded? Leave the safe with the Parking brake. Enjoy the (mandatory from 1.5 T of PTC) hydraulic braking safety.

Paint PU

The painting is by food polyurethane to protect your crop.


Collapsible Dropsides

Collapsible dropsides of 0.20m.

Case Stainless Steel

Stainless steel food is without equivalent: extended life, property

Tarp + Support

Protect your harvest.


The baffle can also guide the harvest.

Narrow Door Rear

With a reduced width (0.80 m) you so channel your grapes at the time of unloading.

Double Bottom

Steel or stainless steel, the double bottom to separate the juice of the fruit during transportation.

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