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GV 80 BR

Technical Description


8000 Kgs

Unladen Weight

1500 Kgs

Dimensions Of The Tray

4.00m X 1.98m

Side Boards

50 Cm - 2 Parties

Back Door Height


Height From The Ground



80 - 6 Axis


445/45 R 19.5


Hydraulic + Parking


Anti-Rust + Lacquer


Bar Rouge (Carte Grise)
CE Certificate

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Tipping Hydraulic

Nothing easier, the hydraulic tipping brings you comfort and security at the time of the tipping.

Ranchers Removable Arrears

Rear stanchions allow you to keep the Rails rigidity when removing the rear door. They strengthen also the entire structure of the bed rails.

Arrow Springs

Arrow with adjustable springs to fit all tractors with ring turning to manoeuvre safely. The suspension brings important ride comfort. The tractor and driver are thus preserved.


For use on road.

Removable Dropsides

Pipes? Pallets? Bulky items? Remove the Rails to use the trailer tray. Removable rails of the GV 80 BR are in 2 parts for easy handling. The Ranchers of the environment can also strengthen the structure of the bed rails.

Mechanical Jack

In order to uncouple the same trailer loaded, the presence of mechanical Jack is essential.

Parking + Hydraulic Brake

The trailer is loaded? Leave the safe with the Parking brake. Enjoy the (mandatory from 1.5 T of PTC) hydraulic braking safety.

Wide Wheels

More mark your floors with wide wheels.


Tapes Feed

The benefit side rails collapsible trailers: versatility! A few bales of hay to carry? the tapes feed option is for you you.

Collars Filled With 50 Cm

Need of volume and solidity: spacers 50 cm you Double the useful volume.

Opening Automatic

No need to come down from the tractor to open the door...

Door Double Wings

Very useful for certain loading such as wood, manure.

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