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TP 18

Technical Description


18 T

Unladen Weight

5970 Kgs

Interior Dimensions Of Caisse

5.00m X 2.20m X 0.90m

Thickness Of Caisse

Bottom: 8mm / Sides: 5mm

Total Height





Bogie  110 - 10 Axes - Way 2100


445/65 R 22.5

Back Door

Hydraulic 1 Panel

Adjustable Hitch

Arrow Springs + Hitch Bolted Scharmuller (Ring Or Ball)


Hydraulic + Parking


Anti-Rust + Lacquer


Bar Rouge (Carte Grise)
CE Certificate

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Public Works Casing

The Fund has a background in 6mm and 5mm sides. Load RIPRAP, stone in all serenity


A wide rear crossbar in UPN protects the lighting to be always well seen.

Arrow Springs

Arrow with adjustable springs to fit all tractors with ring turning to manoeuvre safely. The suspension brings important ride comfort. The tractor and driver are thus preserved.

Hydraulic Tipping

With oversize cylinders, you can lift the bucket in all conditions

Hydraulic Door

Door hydraulic 1 Panel for increased comfort and efficiency.

Crutch Hydraulic

Hydraulic stand with hand pump: uncouple, couple... whenever you want!

Parking + Hydraulic Brake

The trailer is loaded? Leave the safe with the Parking brake. Enjoy the security of hydraulic braking.

Axle Bogie

The Boggie axle will bring you comfort of use with mechanical suspension. But also ability of crossing safely through the important release of the axle.


Hitch Bolted Scharmuller, flexible jib, ladder...



We keep the same thickness for the caisse in Hardox: 8mm at the bottom - 5mm on the sides!

Door Double Wings

Double door wings make your trailer more versatile.

Hydraulic Powershift Assist

Thanks to the hydraulic motors POCLAIN, multiply the effectiveness of your trailer:

  • Crossing ability: mud, slopes and all situations difficult / front and rear

  • Security: down steep slopes in all security with the restraint

  • Consumption: your tractor is more alone exhausted...

       See how it works in video


Hydraulic cylinders on the rear axle. Mount the subwoofer securely on the frame. For an effective anti-squat axle placement is essential in the design of the Agricaisson.

Axle Homing Head

There are manual (of tractor) or automatic. Turn on front wheels and rear. contact us for more information

Axle Follower

The trailing axle to limit stress on the chassis and tyres.
Operation: Free forward, it is necessary to secure running back and at high speed.

Axle Forced Follower

2 types of Tracker forced:

  • Closed hydraulic circuit: with an additional hitch to the tractor, the wheels turn following the tractor. No driver intervention is required.

  • Electronics: manages the steering angle of the wheels with an angular sensor + GPS speed management. Ability to manage the Steering remote control for difficult access, walk possible crab.

Arrow Hydraulic

For more comfort and a more efficient charge report, opt for the hydraulic boom.

Work Light

The approach of night, working Lighthouse you will be useful.

Mixed Braking

Enjoy the comfort of the air braking without giving up the convenience of the hydraulic braking.

Approval 40 Km/H

Always faster...Approval 40 km/h is only accessible with the tyre only braking.
The approval includes:

  • Brakes 406 x 140

  • Braking corrector

  • Pneumatic braking

  • Axle of 150


See us for making the right choice of tyres.

Finish Privilege

Want a custom solution? You'll like the privilege finish: Guard mud - lights LED - lights stencil - painting Polyurethane HQ choice...

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