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Trailers winemaking Devès , 40 years, are present in our vineyards.

There are several types of wine trailers :

Monocoque Wine Trailers

7 models of monocoques with very robust frame in UPN.

Special feature:

  • 8th model to get up to 80 HL.

  • the tightness of our trailers is perfect as tested in water during production.

Trailers lifting Wines

2 kinds of lifting trailers:

  • Elevating monohulls

  • The lifting Auto-vidantes: emptying screw is done with a low inclination of the bucket, which avoids the harvest to empty large flow capacity. These trailers are designed primarily to supply very slow regime destemmers, feeds, presses...


The strengths of the unloading screw combined with a system of elevation in parallelogram (allowing an important offset) bring great comfort of use.


The 2 Types of trailers Auto-Vidantes:

  • With warhead pump

  • A direct exit

Advantage: Ability to choose the trailer in steel or stainless steel.

The bins and Cup harvest

Vintage trays: 3 to 4 m in steel or stainless steel.

Coupled with our trailers to removable panels, these vintage trays seduce share their modularity: use with Rails or tray during off-season, with grapes during harvest tray.

They can easily position on our trailers hydraulic tipping or on elevating trailers.

Harvest Containers
Especially suitable in difficult vineyards access but also in rainy period.

Our wine range is very wide in order to meet all expectations.

Water tests on all our wine trailers allow us to guarantee a perfect seal.

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